Friday, September 7, 2012

DIY Jewelry Organizer!

YAY for Friday!! If anyone is looking for a little project for the weekend I have just the right one! For the ladies anyway :) I have seen different jewelry organizers on pinterest but not any big enough to display all my jewelry! I also wanted all my jewelry to be hung on the wall because we actually don't have much furniture (yet!) so therefore nowhere to put it except the wall! I helped paint & glue etc. etc but my amazing handy man husband actually put it together for me! Hope this gets your creative juices flowing! Happy Friday!

Okay, so this is what you will need! Staple gun, wood glue/gorilla glue, 1 dowel rod, framing boards or if you have an old frame, little screw-in hooks (I got mine from a wall hanging kit that I already had), 2 larger hooks, spray paint if you want to paint the frame and last a screen/wire. You can go cheaper by using chicken wire but I wanted it to look better than just wire so we got this cool patterened screen from Lowe's!

You can really do any size frame you want...just make sure you have enough wall space! Have your husband or if you're handy with the circular saw than cut 4 pieces for your frame at 45 degree angles. Of course, do all your measuring so your corners will all meet up correctly! Then, you just put some glue on the edges & let dry completely.

After the frame is dry... I wanted space on there not only for earrings & necklaces but my bracelets & rings as well! So, Hubby used the staple gun to attach some thin boards vertically hanging down from behind the frame. Then he screwed in the 2 bigger hooks about halfway down the vertical boards to hold the dowel rod for all my rings, bracelets & watches! Below the dowel rod we put another thin board horizontally & stapled from behind. There we twisted the small hooks for all my necklaces...I used about 12 hooks! But, could really use more! We spent about $45.00 on this only because the screen I used was about $25.00! Expensive I know but it's what I wanted!  And WALA!! (or however you spell that!)  You have a custom jewelry organizer!

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  1. Do you even have you post earrings on there? Or just your hook earrings